Learning From The Lord’s Prayers

In Favour with God (Jesus Praying with His Mother)
In Favour with God (Jesus Praying with His Mother) Photo from LDS.org

Recently, in our studies from the Come, Follow Me curriculum by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have been learning much about how our Saviour taught us to pray.  Prayer is vital for us to be able to connect with heaven.  While the Sermon on the Mount contains many teachings by the Lord, one of the significant instructions He had given to us is the manner in which we are to pray.  In addition to these divine instructions, we also have other recorded examples of prayers that the Saviour offered during His mortal mission.   Our study of each of these examples of prayer will help us to better worship the Father through our own individual personal prayers.

Here is a great video that gives us a clear direction of what our prayers should consist of, and how we can draw closer to God by following the examples of our Saviour closely.

This is how Latter-day Saints have been taught to pray:


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