Three Things We Learn From the Different Versions of the Lord’s Prayer

The Lord's Prayer
Image by Liz Lemon Swindle

By Book of Mormon Central | February 26, 2019

I grew up in a home where we were taught that the repetition of the Lord’s prayer was important, but it was never explained to me what it all really meant and why repetition was important.  I am so thankful to have learned from the scriptures the true order of prayer.  It has made a remarkable difference in the way I communicate to my Father in heaven, and in my relationship with the Saviour.  ~Emilia

Infographic explaining the differences in the Lord's Prayer. Image by Book of Mormon Central.


1. Among the Nephites, God’s Kingdom had already come

On both occasions when the Savior taught his disciples to pray in New Testament, he prayed “thy kingdom come” (Matthew 6:10Luke 11:2). But when he taught this prayer among the Nephites, he omitted this phrase (3 Nephi 13:10). With the Resurrected Lord’s victory over death complete, as manifested by his glorious appearance at Bountiful, God’s kingdom was inaugurated among the Nephites. So there was apparently no reason, on that occasion, to pray that “thy kingdom come.”

2. The “daily” Bread was actually the Bread of Life

The Nephite version of the prayer is also missing the plea for “daily bread” (Matthew 6:11Luke 11:3; cf. 3 Nephi 13:11). Obviously, the Nephites still needed to eat, so why would this be omitted? The Greek word translated as “daily” is difficult to interpret, but when associated with the phrase “thy kingdom come” some scholars think it refers to the Messianic feast expected to occur with the coming of God’s kingdom. If this is correct, then there was no need to pray for bread in this post-resurrection setting, when God’s kingdom had already come among them, and the Savior himself was able to miraculously provide heavenly bread (3 Nephi 20:3–7).

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