He Is The Gift

New Christmas song by Shawna Edwards |”The Greatest Gift” by Liz Lemon Swindle inspired by the film “The Nativity Story”

Photo by Liz Lemon Swindle The Young Messiah

Christmas is filled with so many wonderful memories in my heart.  In the home I grew up in as a youth and young adult, it was chaotic but filled with family fun and excitement.  I remember being taught about the birth of Baby Jesus, but it seemed that the focus was more on the gifts and the big dinners we had.  While all that was enjoyable, I always felt that something was missing.  As kids, we were so focused on receiving that the spirit of giving was missing in my life.  In truth, so was the true spirit of Christmas…the birth of the Saviour…the true Giver of all mankind.  

After I was married, I had the opportunity to begin my own family traditions with my husband and children.  Although we kept some of our previous family customs, including decorating and gift-giving, we created some very important practices that helped to keep our focus on what the true meaning of Christmas is and center the spotlight on Jesus Christ.  With a beautiful angel on our tree, many different nativity scenes all through the house, candles, lights, and anything that reminds us of the miracle of His birth, creating an atmosphere that is peaceful and charitable, we have established a Christmas that is what it should be…centered around our Savior, the greatest Gift of all.  

I heard this song today and it reminded me of how blessed we are to have Jesus in our lives.  During this special time of year, while we are in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our preparations for Christmas, I hope that we can all stop and remember this song and video and try to put things into perspective.  I was touched while I watched this.  I hope it touches you too.  ~Emilia




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