Same Site – Different Name

ToGather Saints

In light of the direction which President Nelson has admonished us to adhere to, and in obedience to his counsel, we have changed our site name from I Am LDS Too to ToGather Saints.  These changes will be taking effect immediately, and our Facebook site will also be changing along with it. 

Recently, we asked our readers for suggestions of what we should call our new site.  We had an overwhelming amount of suggestions, all very good.  Many suggested trying to keep it as similar as possible, where others suggested going a different direction altogether.  So we decided to do both.  As you can see, although our name has changed, our design, layout, and cover photos have not.  

Why “ToGather Saints”?

As you may have noticed, our new name has a play on words.  If you say it fast enough it sounds like “together saints”.   Unity is so important in the in our church, and I believe that together as Saints in the gospel, we can be one in helping to build the kingdom of God by gathering others to the fold.  Thus came the prompting after weeks of praying for guidance to change the name to ToGather Saints.

What can you do to help us?  You can help be unified with us and help us spread the light of Christ by JOINING OUR PAGE, LIKING, SHARING, and COMMENTING.  You can also join our Facebook Page.  For those of you that are already following, kindly change the website address to reflect the changes.  We appreciate you and thank you for your support.



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