A Real Father

A true story showing the love of an adoptive father to his children.  What a remarkable way he explained the “amazing adoption club” to his children.  I truly admire both the adoptive parents and parents who have had to give their children up for adoption.  It takes much strength, courage, and love and I think they are wonderful.


Seven years ago, I watched a loving birth mother tearfully place a tiny child into my sweet wife’s open arms. That was the moment I became a dad.

I felt overwhelmed with the responsibility before me. It was an emotional moment for everyone there. I will forever be grateful for the sincere love, trust, and confidence of our daughter’s birth mother in us. She knew that we would give our child everything we possibly could.

I’m now the father of three beautiful girls. When people find out that the oldest two are adopted, there’s a common question that follows almost like clockwork. The conversation goes something like this:

Them: “I didn’t know two of your girls are adopted—that’s so cool.”

Me: “Thanks! Yeah, it’s awesome. We feel like the luckiest parents in the world.”

Them: “So, how much do they know about their real dad?”

Each time, I can’t help but think, “Wait, what? Real dad?!” I’m their dad and I’m plenty real.

But don’t worry, I’m not offended. I know what they mean—they mean birth father. And it’s okay, I’m super secure in my dad-hood. I’m a father and have the dad jokes and dad bod to prove it.

When we put our two oldest to bed and it’s story time, I love to tell them what an incredible gift adoption has been for us. I tell them about the special club they belong to—the amazing adoption club.

“Who else is adopted? Who else is in your club?” I’ll ask.

“Superman!” My four-year-old will start.

“That’s right. Who else?”

“Batman, Spider-Man, and Ironman,” my seven-year-old will add.

“Yep. Pretty much all the coolest superheroes—and who else was adopted who is even more super than them?”

“Jesus,” they’ll say together.

“That’s right,” I’ll say. “Jesus was adopted by Joseph, and His story is true.”

To read the remainder of the story on LDS.org click HERE.


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