Knowing Who You Are—and Who You Have Always Been


For myself, finding who I really am was a journey that took a while to tour.  Like Sheri Dew, I grew up with little self-confidence.  It wasn’t until after I joined the Church at 19 year’s old that the journey went a little quicker.  I am filled with gratitude for having discovered that I am of great worth and this knowledge has given me the self-confidence I need to fulfill my mission in this life with joy.  I am a precious child of God, who loves me and who has given me great gifts and talents that I have been able to develop and become the person I am meant to be. 

Sheri L. Dew is a remarkable woman.  I have learned valuable lessons from her addresses.  

By Sheri L. Dew | July 2018 Liahona

Recently, my 16-year-old niece Megan and two of her friends came for a sleepover. As we talked that evening, one of them asked me what it had been like growing up on a farm in the olden days. … I told Megan and her friends that in the “olden days,” I had been painfully shy and had absolutely no self-confidence.

“How did you get over feeling that way?” Megan asked. A pat answer was on the tip of my tongue when I stopped, sensing that these terrific young women were receptive to more. So I told them that the reason was a spiritual one: It wasn’t until I began to understand how the Lord felt about me that my feelings about myself and my life slowly began to change. Their questions then came in a hurry: How did I know how the Lord felt? And how could they find out how He felt about them?

For several hours, scriptures in hand, we talked about how to hear the voice of the Spirit, about how eager the Lord is to unveil the knowledge stored safely inside our spirits concerning who we are and what our mission is, and about the life-changing difference it makes when we know.

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