I Am A Sharer of Light


Sharing Light with Just One Click

I, gladly, have become the prime example of “sharing light with just one click”.  I am the only member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a family full of Catholic traditions and culture.  It was so difficult for me to share my beliefs with them, especially when there were particular members who wouldn’t allow me to freely share my thoughts and feelings without it turning into a “bash the Mormon” session.  So I let it go, as difficult as it was so that I can keep the peace and carry on by myself to live the gospel the best way I knew how.  Until social media came along several years later.  I decided to use my social media as a way to finally be able to express who I truly am inside, including my belief of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.  I started with my own Facebook profile, and then created the I Am LDS Too Facebook Page, and now this blog.  Since then, my family has gained a deep respect for the standards that I have kept, and the person I have become.  Since then, I have had several people around the world ask me for a copy of the Book of Mormon, or ask questions about how they can learn more about the Church.  And since then, I have learned to become an online member missionary…and all because I shared my light “with just one click” so that I could give the light of Christ to those who would receive it.  Anyone can do it…I hope many do. ~Emilia

I will never forget the day God opened my eyes.

October 1, 2015. There was a shooting at a community college in Oregon. Several accounts describe the gunman asking some students if they were Christian. If they said yes, he said he would send them back to meet God.

After the horrific event, I had this thought: What would I do if I had been on the barrel side of the gun?

I discovered I was afraid. Afraid to stand up. Afraid to speak out. Afraid to offend. Afraid to be mocked. Afraid to be different.

I discovered a woman who loved God deeply but shared it rarely because of fear. And my heart began to break.

Before this, I believed that those who knew and loved me best knew how I felt about God—that my heart was His. I felt no need to share that love with the world or to post my feelings publicly.

I thought it was about me. I was wrong. It isn’t about how others see me. It’s about how I and others see God.

This new understanding changed me forever.

“That which is of God is light, and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day” (Doctrine and Covenants 50:24).

This is our goal—to show more of Him to the world by letting His light shine through us.

I Am a Sharer of Light

October 2, 2015. The day after the shooting, I decided it was time to share my faith in Jesus Christ more openly on social media. With a pounding heart, I held my breath and clicked the dreaded share button. I told the world that “I am not ashamed of the of the gospel of Christ.”

The fear was so real and overwhelming. What if I offended people? What if people hated me? Despite the fear, my love for God was greater. So I posted.

A few friends blocked me. A few more friends and family avoided me. And it hurt. Some comments and messages stung. To be honest, they still sting. My confidence began to decrease. I prayed for the courage to continue, and God answered my prayers in a general conference talk a few days after the shooting.

President Russell M. Nelson said: “[We need] women who can speak with the power and authority of God! … Women who teach fearlessly” (“A Plea to My Sisters”).

God was speaking to me. God needed me. God needs you. We can speak up and teach fearlessly—in person and on social media—in positive, responsible, noncontentious, and loving ways.

You may be thinking, as I did, that you don’t have anything to contribute. You may be thinking that you aren’t good with words. It doesn’t matter. I promise that if you will ask God, He will give you the words to say.

To read the remainder of the article go to LDS.org

Are you prepared to share the light of Christ with others?  You can begin by sharing this post to your social media, and let others know and understand your love for the Saviour.


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