Fortifying the Church from Within

alma the younger

We can either choose to be a hindrance in the spiritual growth of the Church, or we can choose to be a powerful reinforcement to the spiritual health of the Church and its people.   

By – March 18, 2018

It had been a generation or so since the prophet Alma baptized his followers at the waters of Mormon and established the church of God.

“And they were called the people of God. And the Lord did pour out his Spirit upon them, and they were blessed, and prospered in the land” (Mosiah 25:24). A period of peace and prosperity began to prevail among the Nephites.

But now, there were many of the rising generation who did not share the beliefs of their fathers regarding the resurrection of the dead and the coming of Christ. Some of these unbelievers began to inflict persecutions upon the members of the Church. Among them were Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah.

Alma the younger became “a great hinderment to the prosperity of the church of God; stealing away the hearts of the people; causing much dissension among the people; giving a chance for the enemy of God to exercise his power over them” (Mosiah 27:9).

While he and the sons of Mosiah were going about seeking to destroy the Church, an angel of the Lord appeared to them, causing them to fall down in astonishment.

“Alma, arise and stand forth,” the angel commanded, “for why persecutest thou the church of God? For the Lord hath said: This is my church, and I will establish it; and nothing shall overthrow it, save it is the transgression of my people” (Mosiah 27:13).

There was much assurance in this angelic declaration. It states in effect that the Church was invulnerable to harm from outside forces, that only the transgression of the members within would overthrow it.

We in our day can likewise be assured that the Church of Jesus Christ, established in this dispensation of the fulness of times to prepare the way for the Second Coming of the Lord and Savior in glory, will be invincible to destructive, external forces.

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